Friday, March 23, 2012

Master of Sin by Maggie Robinson

Andrew Rossiter had a very unpleasant upbringing that has shaped him into the dark man he is today.  Raised by a man that sexually abused him from age seven forward, Andrew became a male prostitute and was more than willing to do anything with anyone, male or female...even offer himself as a stud if the price was right.  As he was able to deliver one son to an Italian couple, they have called upon his services again in hopes for another child.  But when a terrible tragedy occurs, Andrew is forced to become a father to the little boy who has no idea who truly is.  With the murderers sure to be on the hunt for Marco soon, Andrew quickly relocates out of London, anywhere where he is known for his devilish actions, and heads to a very remote area in Scotland, determined to put all of his past life behind him and begin anew with his young son.

Gemma Peartree has arrived at this remote island in hopes of escaping her own shameful past but is dismayed to find herself attracted to the blond angelface of Andrew.  As Andrew quickly develops some true affection, the first he has felt in years, for Gemma as well, he knows he must quickly ship her off the island.  But weather and Marcos deep affection for Gemma prevent this from happening as soon as he would like and before he knows it, he has spilled all of his shameful secrets in hopes of deterring this sprite-like beauty.  Gemma is much more responsive and open-minded though, as her own upbringing comes to light as well, and she finally persuades the suddenly morally uptight Andrew to indulge in a delicious affair.  Even as Andrew attempts to brush Gemma off again and again, together they slowly become true friends and beneath the friendship, a deep love grows.  However, it takes the past finally catching up to them for Andrew to finally realize the true depth of his feelings and hopefully it will not be too late to finally start anew as a happy couple.

I have read and enjoyed all the books in Maggie Robinson's Courtesan Court series and this book is a bit more darker and deep than the previous books.  I enjoyed how Andrew is not a titled gentleman trying to reform his rakish ways but rather a deeply scarred man that was abused during his childhood and built up such a wall around himself going into adulthood, he about misses the one thing that will finally give him some peace. The fact that the past was laid all out quickly was also a relief...there is no big misunderstanding and Gemma accepts Andrew for all his past misdeeds.   I also enjoyed how Marco was included in the story but the child never overshadowed the romance and felt real.  He naturally has a big distrust for Andrew and we get to slowly see father and son come together.  Truthfully, besides some crude language, I actually felt this book was a bit tamer than some of the previous books.  With Andrews fresh start, he also wanted to leave behind all sexual encounters and I was very pleased to see he did not drop that front quickly.  Gemma was a delightful heroine, small, bossy and knew how to get what she wanted when she wanted it.  She was the perfect balm to help Andrew accept himself and show that everyone deserves happiness, no matter how shaky or seedy the past may be.  Overall, a wonderfully satisfying, sensual romance.  4 stars

~Thanks to Kensington Publishing (Brava) for providing me with this ARC~

Courtesan Court Series
(Can be read as stand alones but I would recommend reading at least Mistress by Marriage as Andrew is in that book a bit and will give you some more insight into him)
Mistress by Mistake (Courtesan Court, #1)Mistress by Midnight (Courtesan Court, #2)Mistress by Marriage (Courtesan Court, #3)

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