Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love and Other Scandals by Caroline Linden

Ever since Tristan, Lord Burke, burst into Joan's bedroom as a child she has been half in love with him.  When fetching a promise from her brother one morning she is greeted by Tristan all grown up and the sparks, and snipping, fly between them both.  When Joan's parents leave town suddenly, she is left in the care of her aunt who sees that Joan's fashion choices, which are guided by her mother and the height of fashion, are all wrong and helps Joan feel comfortable in some different dresses.  Coupled with the promise that Tristan made to Joan's brother about keeping an eye on Joan, this couple finds themselves together more and more.  During their time together they bicker, laugh, kiss and go on a grand adventure while developing their relationship.  A relationship Joan's mother has forbidden due to Tristan's wild ways and seemingly cold ways towards his only family he has left following his parents death.  Can Joan help her parents see the true nature of Tristan, the side he has shown her?

I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful, fun romance that was a perfect read for a lovely afternoon,  It was light, not overly angsty, humorous, sexy and the cover perfectly fits the book (a huge bonus in my book).  I loved watching the sparring between Tristan and Joan slowly grow into something more and also how Tristan saw her for who she was even before she started dressing in a more flattering way.  Joan is practically on the shelf and she attributes this to her height and non-willow like figure but Tristan sees past this to the warm, clever, kind-hearted and determined woman she is.  And though Joan's family think Tristan is too wild, Joan sees past the wildness to the man who just wants a family, a place to finally belong after being alone since a child.  I do wish the ending had not seemed so rushed, everything happened rather quickly compared to the nice easy pace of the rest of the story.  Overall, one of my favorites from Caroline Linden--light, funny, sexy and a romance that is true and deep with a couple learning to accept who they are and what they can be together.  4 stars

eARC provided by Avon via edelweiss

Hopefully this is part of a series as I would love Joan's brother and her friends to have their stories told!

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