Monday, May 20, 2013

The Secret Life of Lady Julia by Lecia Cornwall

I have really enjoyed all of Lecia Cornwall's previous works but this one just did not click with me as much.  It features a plot with political intrigue and that is just not a plot I enjoy personally.  I also felt like the romance between Julia and Thomas needed a bit more attention.  After a passionate meeting in the beginning, they do not speak to each other again until half way into the story.  There were a lot of people and names and it got a bit confusing and overwhelming for me and I would have just like a bit more time focused on the couple and their personal issues.  After all, Julia has a very large secret that Thomas does not find out about until the very end and I felt like it was all glossed over a bit too easily.

However, I did really enjoy the different locale we saw.  Quite a bit is set in Vienna which was refreshing and exciting and the attention to detail was very well done but a bit overwhelming for me.  So while this did not work for me, it will appeal to romance fans who enjoy the political angle with some mystery and heat.  But for me, 3 1/2 stars this time.

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