Monday, January 24, 2011

Then He Kissed Me by Christie Ridgway

This is the second of three books in Christie Ridgways Three Kisses series about three sisters trying to save their family winery. This time we focus on Stevie Baci and newcomer Jack Parini....who just happens to be a prince. Stevie runs a limousine service, aptly called Napa Princess Limousine, and meets the good looking, tough, have-quite-a-history Jack while picking up his sister, Roxy, who is engaged to Stevie's ex Emerson. You would think you would want to hate Roxy for "stealing" Emerson away from Stevie but she is over him and you really grow to root for Roxy and Emerson, who are the side story and have their own issues that are handled very nicely.
I was excited about the royalty aspect of this book because, hey, I admit, I live a a dream world where I marry a real live prince, lol! However, it is pretty downplayed, which in a way, was nice. Jack and Roxy are not full of themselves and their mother is quite a hoot when she arrives! They had a terrible incident happen to them when they were younger and Jack has never really quite forgiven himself for letting Roxy be involved. I enjoyed that Jack and Roxy had some flaws and were not pretentious.

As for Stevie and Jack, well the sparks fly right away and when they are caught in a heated embrace but all of Emersons family, Jacks solution was a bit of a surprise. I felt these two had great chemistry together and Jack helped Stevie feel like that woman she is deep inside and just never let out. Once again we see the build up to the next story with Stevies sister Jules and Liam with a bit more of their back story, just enough to make you really want their story now and not in a few months! I think (and hope!) their story is going to be the best of this trilogy. Even though this is book two of three, I don't feel it necessary to read the first one but of course I do recommend it as it was a fun sweet book as well. Overall, if you are in the mood for a few laughs in a sweet, sexy story about some great family love try this one! 3 1/2 stars

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